Wool is the most familiar fabric for suits, so it is often used to make blazers. These breathe well and drape nicely. Blazers made from wool are often tailored like suit jackets and will have a professional appearance.


Cotton, like wool, is also often used to make suit jackets. It breathes as well as wool, however it is a lighter fabric. This quality makes it preferred for warm weather.


Linen, like cotton, is a lightweight natural material. It breathes well and is best for warm weather. Linen has a distinct look, which many like. They are popular for social settings, though linen is wrinkled very easily and may be more difficult to maintain.


Silk blazers have all of the benefits of other natural fiber fabrics: They are highly breathable, and they are extremely comfortable and soft. However, many people believe that silk blazers look the best out of the other natural fibers. Men shopping for silk blazers will find higher prices, so this fabric is best for men who want to buy a single, high quality blazer to wear to different occasions or for work.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers include polyester, rayon, and nylon. Blazers made from these fabrics are often cheaper than ones made from natural fibers, but synthetic fabrics do not breathe as well, and men may find them uncomfortable. Synthetic fibers can also look shiny or cheap, so they will stand out in formal business environments. Men who want to own a lot of blazers in different colors or styles, however, can stock up on cheaper synthetic fiber blazers for a variety of options.


Blends are a combination of a natural fiber, like cotton, wool, or silk, and a synthetic fiber. These blazers have many of the good qualities of the natural fibers, like breath-ability and a high quality look. But because they are not 100 percent natural fibers, they are also cheaper. Blends are a good option for most men because they are more affordable yet also feel and look nice.


Corduroy is commonly made from cotton, but the name refers to a distinct way of weaving the fabric that involves forming soft ridges in parallel lines. Corduroy blazers are more casual and can often be unlined, which gives them less structure. This soft, warm fabric is great for fall and winter months, and it can be casual without seeming sloppy.


Leather blazers are very warm. Often, leather used in a blazer style is worn more as a jacket for warmth than as a part of an outfit, and leather blazers are not appropriate for an office. However, leather blazers are very stylish. High quality leather jackets are extremely soft, and most leather is also treated to be water repellent, something that other blazer materials cannot offer. Leather blazers are also more expensive than basic fabric ones, so a man choosing a leather blazer for a stylish jacket will need to be certain that he will not need a more versatile fabric blazer.