Select Gifts with Distinction: Portland's Guide to Memorable Men's Gifts

Finding the right gift for the important men in your life can be a delightful yet daunting task. You want something that resonates with their personality, something that they would not just appreciate but cherish. At The House of Rose (THOR) in Portland, OR, we specialize in gifts that are not just items but experiences wrapped in elegance and personal touch. And just for this holiday season, we have an extraordinary offer: a $500 gift card available for only $400, letting you gift generously while experiencing savings.

Bespoke Suits: A Statement of Personal Style For the man who commands a room with his presence, a bespoke suit from THOR is a gift of unmatched distinction. Our custom-tailored suits are an investment in his personal brand, an extension of his individuality.

Leather Backpacks and Wallets: Crafted for the Discerning For the man who appreciates the fine balance between aesthetic and practicality, our selection of leather backpacks and wallets stands as the epitome of functional luxury. These pieces are designed to accompany him on his daily ventures and safeguard his essentials in style.

Custom Clothing: Tailored to His Life Discover the joy of gifting with our custom clothing options. From crisp shirts to perfectly fitted pants, and from sleek blazers to statement coats, every item is a work of art, tailored to his life and style.

Duffles and Totes: Journey with Sophistication For the traveler, the explorer, the man who is always on the move, our durable and stylish duffles and totes are indispensable companions. They're not just bags; they're trusty sidekicks for every adventure.

Holiday Special: The Ultimate Gesture of Giving This holiday, take advantage of our special promotion and give him the gift of choice. The THOR gift card is a gateway to a world of bespoke luxury, waiting for him to explore.

A Personal Invitation We invite you to step into The House of Rose, where gifts become more than just a gesture — they become a legacy. Delight him with a present that's as unique as he is, with our diverse collection that embodies the essence of Portland's sophisticated charm.

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