Single Breasted

Single-breasted blazers are among the more common type of blazer. Depending on the number of buttons it has, it may be suitable for either business or social settings. It may refer to a coat, jacket or similar garment with only one column of buttons and narrow overlapping flaps.


Blazers with only one button are considered to be very stylish. Though they may not be appropriate for most work environments, they may be acceptable for men who work in a business where suits are not required. Thin men look BEST in this style, but stockier or taller men may find that the way the blazer hangs is not very flattering.


Blazers with two buttons are classics and are universally appropriate for nearly any work environment. The simple cut of a two-button blazer looks good on almost all men. These blazers may not be daring or uncommon, but they’re the BEST basic type of blazer for a man to buy.

Double Breasted

This style is most recognizable from pea coats. These blazers have two rows of buttons up the torso, the fronts of the blazer overlapping each other. This overlap adds bulk to the double-breasted style, so some men may find these blazers to be too warm. Double-breasted blazers are generally very conservative and formal. They are a safe bet for business meetings and an office environment.

Tuxedos + Dinner Jackets

Dinner jackets are by far the most formal style of blazer. They are great for evening events and dates. Many of them have shiny or contrasting lapels, which give the blazer a formal yet flashy look. Another lapel variation one will see is a shawl lapel. These, unlike other lapel styles, are made from a single piece of fabric and curve down over a man’s chest. This look is very distinctive and is best for evening events.

Colored & Patterned

The pattern and color of a blazer make just as much of an impact as the cut and style, if not more. The most conservative color choices for a man’s blazer are black, charcoal, gray, and navy blue, while brown is not as conservative. Light beige or off-white blazers are not very common, and most men will see these in linen fabrics. These are good for daytime social events, but linen fabric may be harder to care for. A man who likes to stand out in a crowd will love brighter options, though they are not a good choice for a conservative work environment. Many prefer the middle ground that plaids and stripes provide. These patterns, when done in muted or neutral colors, are conservative enough for casual business settings but interesting enough for a man to feel that he is expressing his own style without being boring.


Blazers also commonly known as sport coats are versatile jackets that may be as formal as a suit or as casual as a light coat and are perfect for many occasions as they easily translates from the office to a night out. However, shopping for a suit or blazer can be very overwhelming for many men or women; there are a myriad of types and styles in endless variations of colors, fabrics, and cuts. But, here at The House of Rose, our master tailors and fashion designers will be more than pleased to walk you through the process of creating a perfectly customized blazer; from the fabric color to the buttonhole color, we’re here for you!


The House of Rose offers unforgettable custom coats for both men and women and the design possibilities are as endless as our customizable options! Our coats are one of a kind; from the design, to the exterior, to the silk-lined interior, down to the color of the buttons, your coat is made just for you, and only you. Fabrics range from 100% wool, 100% silk, cashmere, alpaca, camel hair etc. Your custom coat is guaranteed to turn heads while protecting you from the elements.


The House of Rose offers custom pants for every occasion! A nice pair of linen pants for an outdoor summer wedding…a pair of slacks for work…a pair of chinos/khakis for a casual look or date night… a pair of jeans for that everyday look, we can do it all! We offer a wide variety of fabrics, styles, cuts, and designs and are here to walk you through the entire process!


We offer custom made shirts to enhance any outfit and have a large variety of colors and fabrics to choose from. Each of our 100% linen, silk, Egyptian or Italian cotton shirts will be made for you using your detailed measurements and preferences in fit and functionality.


The House of Rose is becoming increasingly known for our exquisite dresses! If you can dream it, we can make it! From intricate lace work, to ball gowns, and every little black dress in between, we have the fabrics, and the fits, to help you become the ‘Belle’ of any ball.


Wool is the most familiar fabric for suits, so it is often used to make blazers. These breathe well and drape nicely. Blazers made from wool are often tailored like suit jackets and will have a professional appearance.


Cotton, like wool, is also often used to make suit jackets. It breathes as well as wool, however it is a lighter fabric. This quality makes it preferred for warm weather.


Linen, like cotton, is a lightweight natural material. It breathes well and is best for warm weather. Linen has a distinct look, which many like. They are popular for social settings, though linen is wrinkled very easily and may be more difficult to maintain.


Blends are a combination of a natural fiber, like cotton, wool, or silk, and a synthetic fiber. These blazers have many of the good qualities of the natural fibers, like breath-ability and a high quality look. But because they are not 100 percent natural fibers, they are also cheaper. Blends are a good option for most men because they are more affordable yet also feel and look nice.


Silk blazers have all of the benefits of other natural fiber fabrics: They are highly breathable, and they are extremely comfortable and soft. However, many people believe that silk blazers look the best out of the other natural fibers. Men shopping for silk blazers will find higher prices, so this fabric is best for men who want to buy a single, high quality blazer to wear to different occasions or for work.


Corduroy is commonly made from cotton, but the name refers to a distinct way of weaving the fabric that involves forming soft ridges in parallel lines. Corduroy blazers are more casual and can often be unlined, which gives them less structure. This soft, warm fabric is great for fall and winter months, and it can be casual without seeming sloppy.


Leather blazers are very warm. Often, leather used in a blazer style is worn more as a jacket for warmth than as a part of an outfit, and leather blazers are not appropriate for an office. However, leather blazers are very stylish. High quality leather jackets are extremely soft, and most leather is also treated to be water repellent, something that other blazer materials cannot offer. Leather blazers are also more expensive than basic fabric ones, so a man choosing a leather blazer for a stylish jacket will need to be certain that he will not need a more versatile fabric blazer.

Bespoke Suits

Deciding to purchase a Bespoke Suit is not just about buying a suit, it’s the experience of creating a suit that was made to compliment you as you are, while also knowing that the decadence of owning something that fine will only look better the more you wear it.

There are many reasons to recommend a bespoke suit. There is the consultation, where you’re invited to sit and sip on fine wine from Oregon’s wine country or whiskey from Portland’s finest distilleries while browsing through our highest quality fabric samples from around the World. There are the fittings, where you are made to feel like the most important person in the world while being a part of the evolution of your creation. And then there is the fact that you are having something made that is crafted just for you, and only you.


We start with a comprehensive initial consultation where we listen to your vision of the perfect suit. We then work together to select every detail of your suit; from the highest quality fabrics, to the lining fabric and color, to the lapel shape, down to the hand stitched button hole thread color, your suit will literally be one of a kind. We also take detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit and listen to what fit preferences you may have. Lastly, we require 2 to 4 fittings, depending on need, to guarantee your suit fits perfectly. Your Bespoke suit, coat, shirt or pant is entirely made in our Bridgeport store location from hand, using the highest standards of full-canvas tailoring. Because of the man-hours required please expect your suit to take 4-6 weeks.


The price of your Bespoke suit is highly dependent on your fabric choice. Fabrics choices include: 100% Wool options, Vicuna, Camel, Cashmere, Alpaca, Linen, Silk and more.


Our bespoke suits start at $3,100; bespoke overcoats starts at $2,800. For more detailed information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Pattern Cut Suits

Here at The House of Rose we understand that a Bespoke suit may not be feasible for everyone’s budget, so we now offer an alternative: Pattern Cut. Our Pattern Cut line is a perfect middle ground between ‘Made to Measure’ and ‘Bespoke’. It offers you a custom fit at a more affordable price point. They are a great way to fill your closet with high quality suits that fit like you like a glove, while still leaving the extra cash in your wallet to buy yourself gloves.


We start with a comprehensive initial consultation where we work together to select every detail of your suit. The fabric choices, colors, designs, and details are endless and your suit will be distinctly yours. Detailed measurements will be taken to ensure a perfect fit. You will then come back in for a fitting or two, depending on need. Your Pattern Cut suit, coat, shirt or pants is entirely made in the U.S. using the highest standards of canvas tailoring, along with high quality fabrics such as 100% Wool, silk, linen, and Cashmere. Because it is made locally the turn-around time is unbeatable and your suit is usually ready for your first fitting in 2-3 weeks.


Our Pattern Cut suits start at $1,699 for a two-piece suit; $2,200 for a three-piece suit; and $1,500 for an overcoat.


Our Bespoke and pattern cut shirting lines are a terrific compliment to any suit and bundle packages are available!


We take numerous measurements, discuss your fit preference, and help you select from our wide variety of colors and designs. They are made from high quality shirting fabrics and are all sewn here in the U.S. which offers quick turn-around time (3-4weeks) and perfect fit!


Our 100% Egyptian Cotton shirts start at $250 each and the 100% Italian cotton shirts starts at $365 each. We have a minimum order of 3 shirts for your initial purchase and no minimum on subsequent orders. For either options, buy 5 shirts get the 6th of the same line for 50% off.


We make custom pants are all made from high quality materials to make you look and feel like a million bucks! From Dress slacks, to casual Chinos, to summer Linen pants, to custom Jeans, we’ve got you covered with the perfect fit.


We take numerous measurements, discuss your fit preference, and help you select from our wide variety colors and designs. Our pants are all made from high quality materials and are all sewn here in the U.S. which offers quick turn-around time (3-4 weeks) and perfect fit!


Our suiting pants start at $550 for 100% wool or linen. Custom jeans and Chinos start $450.


Our Custom dresses are not for the faint of heart; they are made to turn heads. Whether you are attending a charity event for the rich and famous, or attending date night with your significant other, we can make you a dress for that!


All of our dresses are made in house, by hand and begin with a comprehensive consultation where we get an idea of your vision (or help you create one), get detailed measurements, and select fabrics and fitting. The House of Rose can use almost any fabric to create your one of a kind dress: from 100% Dupioni silk, to charmeuse, to lace, to chiffon and everything in between. Our time line for dresses ranges between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the design and detail work.


Our Bespoke dresses start at $750 and up depending on style and fabric.

How to Get Started.

  • 1. Starting out – Take a look around the site. If you see something you specifically like, make note of it. When you go to book your appointment, you can make note of these things in the comment box.
  • 2. Book an appointment – Instead of ordering clothing items online, you will book an appointment for a consultation. Take note of styles and features that you saw and liked on our page, add it to the comment box, and we will discuss these items further during our face-to-face meeting. If there is anything else you may have in mind, or don’t see on our site, the meeting will be the time to discuss those ideas further, and we’ll incorporate them for you. Book appointment. Please expect to spend 45 minutes to an hour during your private one on one appointment.
  • 3. Create an account and log in – When you create an account you’re making a personalized profile. We'll be able to contact you about the progress of your items, and keep in touch with what’s new. Create account
  • 4. Share your experience with people you know – We love referrals and believe that word of mouth is the BEST form of advertisement. Let us know if there is something you specifically liked and share it with your circle!

Common Questions

What does “bespoke” mean?

“Bespoke” simply means, “to be spoken for”. It is a term that may be used for any type of customization among any field of production. When it comes to Bespoke tailoring, the pattern is cut from the client’s measurements and then put together by a seasoned tailor.

What’s the turn-around time for a custom suit?

If the tailoring of the suit is outsourced, then the production time will take a lot longer and most places take about 6-8 weeks to get your suit back to you. However, since all of the productions at The House of Rose are done in-house, turnaround time is cut significantly down. After your initial consultation and measuring, our turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. A rush order may be placed, however certain fees will be assessed.

What is the average cost of a custom suit?

The price of a custom suit is calculated based on the amount of hours in labor plus the cost of the fabric. Average labor is about 30-50 hours, depending on how intricate the piece and most prices range between $1,100 all the way up to $4,000. At The House of Rose, we offer a variety of different grades to suit nearly everyone’s budget with endless possibilities in designs. We work with our customers to offer unmatched quality at an unmatched price. Where are your suits produced?

Where are your suits produced?

As mentioned before, all of our suits at The House of Rose are made in-house. What does this mean? It means that each cut, stitch, and hand picking is done right at our production location in the heart of Oregon City, while taking pride in sourcing most of our fabrics locally and supporting the local businesses.

Can you help me decide what fit or style is best for me?

Our goal, Is not only to make you look and feel amazing, but also to educate you about your personal body type and what works best with your features. The House of Rose staff takes attentive care to talk about your concerns and to offer the appropriate solutions.

What is the process for ordering a custom suit?

As you may have noticed, this website does not serve the purpose for ordering a suit. It is for your educational purposes and so that you may familiarize yourself with our process. This is due to the fact that we at The House of Rose believe that building strong and lasting relationships with our clients plays an important part in the production of each individual piece. First we start out with a consultation, which is booked by appointment only. We take some time to discuss what it is you are looking for in particular, along with special design requests and so forth. After your measurements have been taken they are immediately sent to production. One or more fittings may be necessary for special cases.

What type of style options do I have control over?

Everything. You dream it – We create it.

Will my suit fit perfectly the first time?

That is the whole point of bespoke – a suit that feels like a second skin. If it does not fit perfectly upon completion, we will take excellent care to ensure all necessary changes are made.

Can I bring you my own fabric to make a suit?

If there is fabric that you would like to have us use, you may bring it. All that we ask is that you bring enough yardages to complete what it is you are ordering. In that case, you will only be charged for the labor of making your suit.

What if I need my suit before the standard production time?

At The House of Rose we offer a rush delivery option with production finished in under 2 weeks. Certain fees are assessed and discussed with our managers upon request.

I have ordered custom shirts from you before. Can I get a suit made based on those measurements?

We keep all measurements on file for up to 3 months; if your measurements are older than that we ask that you be re-measured to ensure a perfect fit.

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