About Tony

Born in the suburbs of Onitsha, Nigeria, Tony Iyke’s fashion inspiration came from his mother, Rose, who was a master tailor and began teaching Tony the trade when he was in grade school. 

His global influences are reflected in the unique designs that make The House of Rose a staple bespoke design house among fashion enthusiasts around the world, including celebrities and athletes. Like a good photographer that pulls an essence out of an individual through the lens, Tony’s vision is to work alongside his clients to transform their essence into their wardrobe for truly personalized style and one-of-a-kind creations that reflect their unique fashion fingerprint.

In 2021, Iyke launched “Designs by THOR,” the ecommerce storefront meant to enable more people to experience personalized fashion. It was featured in Forbes for its approach to scaling individualized design. In 2022, Iyke expanded his local Portland footprint with a new location in Lake Oswego.